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January 3, 2009

A stab in the dark

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The  Advertiser of  3 January published a story titled ‘State on a knife edge as violence escalates’ – a so-called ‘insight’ article about a ‘sudden and alarming’ increase in stabbings in South Australia in recent months. A collage of three photos of the stabbing murder of a Sudanese youth, Daniel Awak in November and a large cut-out of a hunting knife head the article.

A ‘social commentator’ David Chalke, who heads a marketing company, provides the comments that make up the bulk of the article, and those comments and the photos of Daniel imply that the sudden increase in stabbings is due to refugees from Africa.

I have paid close attention to any reports of stabbing violence since Daniel’s death, because I am concerned that this one very public and awful incident will damage the reputation of the Sudanese I know who are no more related to ‘stabbing violence’ than you or me.

None of the stabbing incidents reported in the South Australian media since Daniel’s death have been by Sudanese or any Africans.

As far as I could tell stabbing seems to be pretty multicultural in Adelaide, with the bulk perpetrated by good old Aussies.

The Advertiser handled Daniel’s death well at the time, I thought – providing information that made him an individual, not a ‘criminal’ or a ‘refugee’.

But this sort of reporting just adds to the vicious misrepresentations of African refugees.

In fact, Sudanese are no more involved in crime than any other community

Nayano Taylor-Neumann



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