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January 6, 2009

Temporary bull

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Liberal Leader Malcolm Turnbull says that the Rudd government’s decision to give refugees permanent visas instead of three-year Temporary Protection Visas has made Australia more attractive to people smugglers, and that was why more boatloads have started arriving.
After the increase in arrivals of asylum seekers by boat in the late 1990s and early 2000s, the Temporary Protection Visa was introduced by the Howard government to deter future arrivals. The TPV did not work. It was not until interdiction was increased and ‘migration zones’ excised from northern Australia that the numbers of asylum seekers arriving by boat decreased.
In fact, the decrease in numbers of people seeking asylum everywhere in the world was the main cause of the drop-off in numbers arriving in Australia from 2003 onwards.
Recent international research has shown that policies that try to restrict the rights of refugees after they have arrived (like the TPV) have little or no influence on flows of asylum seekers (Cornelius, Martin and Hollifield 2004, Holzer, Schneider and Widmer 2000, Robinson and Segrott 2002).
Since 2007 numbers of asylum seekers have been increasing again in all countries, and Australia is now beginning to receive its share.


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