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January 25, 2009

Fun for ‘illegal’ immigrants

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It’s still Sunday, and  The South Chicagoan just posted something that keeps us in the ‘fun’ mode – in a twisted sort of way.

The U.S. government (in the form of the Border Patrol):

“has COMMISSIONED the creation of songs meant to discourage people from trying to cross the border at anywhere other than an official checkpoint with a visa. And they’re trying to create the image that these songs come from the Mexican tradition, rather than the mind of some public relations bureaucrat in Washington. They’re calling them “migracorridos” (literally, “migration songs,” but it’s actually a play on the derisive nickname used by many Latinos for the agents of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency”, and they are sung in Spanish in the same sentiment as the old folk songs of the border region and the more contemporary “narcocorridos,” by which drug dealers attempt to glorify their accomplishments.Apparently Mexico’s government published a special series of comic books a few years ago about characters who triy to cross the U.S./Mexico border without a visa to try to warnof the dangers of trying to slip through the Arizona desert into the United States”. (Perhaps online games will be next?)

Apparently the Mexican Government turned the minds of US officialdom to fun.  A couple of years ago Mexican officialdom made comic books  about characters who tried to cross the U.S./Mexico border without a visa to try to warn its citizens of the dangers of trying to slip through the Arizona desert into the United States.

Reminds me of the Australian government’s video showing how dangerous Australian animals are, meant to divert asylum seekers to safer continents, distributed a few years ago to overseas immigration posts and to refugee camps in Asia. (They could have used ‘Jaws’, come to think of it!)

But, faced with the choice that this picture, also from the South Chicagoan, depicts, I don’t think a bit of desert or a few poisonous snakes would deter most people.border-patrol-border


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