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January 31, 2009

Australia drowns asylum seekers remotely

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Jack Smit of Project Safecom, a venerable refugee rights web site, says that the Australian government needs to shoulder blame for recent drowning of asylum seekers off Indonesia (Immigrants drown after fleeing detention)

“The Australian government – more precisely, Australia’s Immigration Minister Senator Chris Evans – will need to shoulder the blame for the drowning of at least four – but maybe more – asylum seekers enroute to Australia after their vessel capsized trying to reach the Australian coast”

“The Kupang Immigration Detention Centre from which the asylum seekers escaped prior to embarking for Australia, is funded by the Australian government and run by staff of the International Organisation for Migration – a commercial profit-making organisation regarded in some circles as having been involved in questionable practices”

And an email this morning from refugee@lists.justfreedom.org.au , commenting on an item from Xinhua news: Indonesia will repatriate stranded Burmese also places responsibility on Australia

“Australia has charged Indonesia with the responsibility of stopping asylum seekers making it to our shores. We are paying them millions of dollars to do it. Australia is thus saved from fulfilling its responsibility to the Refugee convention which we signed. Indonesia has not signed so her behaviour is not governed by human rights niceties.”

Oh ****, do we have to worry about the entire WORLD now? (And it’s so hot!)

Well, I guess the answer to that can only be YES.


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