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February 4, 2009

Ministerial dumb shift

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“SOME secondary students are too tired to turn up to school after working a late shift the night before”. So began a news item in the Herald about a new NSW Education Department document giving advice on detecting signs of stress, depression and excessive tiredness in students.

The Departmental officials frown on such arrangements, and rather patronisingly point out that this creates unnecessary pressure and stress.

“The message we want to get to kids and parents is planning now will save on stress later on. The HSC is already a stressful period for students, especially year 12, and if you can roster your work and plan your study you will reduce the stress,” a spokesman for the Minister for Education said.

A coincidence that the item appeared on the same day I visited a high school where many students work the night shift after a day at school.

Does the minister imagine that the students and their parents are unable to notice the effects of such arrangements on the students?

Is the minister aware that it is only students who must who try to combine both?

The school I visited has a high percentage of poor kids. And a high number of children of parents on 457 visas who are living under threat of being forcibly returned to China, even though their employer and their community desperately wants them to stay. They are trying to both get as much education as they can before that happens, and to accumulate enough savings to live on if they must go back to the extreme situations they came from in China.

Minister, you need to speak to some actual parents and students.


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