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February 6, 2009

Take a Tablet for your bigotry

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‘Ten Commandments for fighting bigotry’ appeared in a recent essay by Dr Dvir Abramovich on Online Opinion.

I have selected the two I like the best to reprint here (Check the original article and see if you agree with my choice):

Look in the mirror

What assumptions do you carry? Are you quick to label people? What is your unresolved prejudice?

Get help with this by clicking here

Stand up

Don’t be indifferent when you witness racism or any kind of prejudice. Apathy may be viewed as acceptance.

The Australian government is giving us a chance to ‘stand up’ with the National Human Rights Consultation, offering everyone a chance to speak out on human rights in Australia.

I reckon that using the Internet is a great tool for many things, including fighting our own and others’ bigotry.  I found this quote about the power of the free press (and no press is freer and more equal than the web) on the Kakuma refugee camp blog

“One way to begin to address the evils of [refugee] camps is to create feedback mechanisms…If a free press spreads among the hundreds of camps in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, and appears on the World Wide Web, indeed a feedback mechanism will have been established.”

-Dr. Barbara Harrell-Bond, refugee rights advocate and founder of the Oxford Refugee Studies Centre / “Speaking for Refugees or Refugees Speaking for Themselves”


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