A possie in Aussie

February 8, 2009

Will they take us if we are funny?

Filed under: humour — Nayano @ 7:58 am

Despite the despair of this morning’s news, it is after all Sunday, and so here is a bit of fun: the Blog Stuff White People Like has a list of hundreds of things that white people do that make them look stupid. Here is one of my favourites:  ‘Appearing to enjoy classical music’

There are a number of industries that survive solely upon white guilt: Penguin Classics, the SPCA, free range chicken farms, and the entire rubber bracelet market.  Yet all of these pale in comparison to classical music, which has used white guilt to exist for over a century beyond its relevance.

Though white people do not actually listen to classical music, they like to believe that they are the type of people who would enjoy it.  You can witness this first hand by going to any classical performance at your local symphony where you will see literally dozens of white couples who have paid upwards of $80 for the right to dress up and sit in a chair for hours reading every word in the program.


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  1. […] time for some light relief from the earnest issues that mostly preoccupy this blog. Last week I posted a story from the Stuff White People Like blog which made fun of whiteys like me, and so I thought we could […]

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