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March 2, 2009

Is racism in the blood?

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In High profile racist comments Alan Howe of the Herald Sun suggests that racism is a genetic disposition.

As ‘proof’ he cites the royal family, ‘in which racism runs down the male line’, and lists the remarks for Prince Phillip.

To a British student in Papua New Guinea: “You managed not to get eaten then?”

To another student in China: “If you stay here much longer you will go home with slitty eyes.”

Commenting on the tangled wires of a fusebox: “It looks as though it was put in by an Indian”.

And Prince Harry’s recent “little Paki” comment.

We whities often take our racism as genetically disposed, but Fikru Helebo and Ephrem Madebo at the Enset Blog today write about Racism in Ethiopia.

” We all know that any Ethiopian whose physical characteristics has resemblance to Nilotic or Bantu people faces daily verbal abuses and is showered with ugly and discriminatory nick names such as baria, mesheto, wefcho-lash, etc…”

Sudanese tell me that, as the blackest people in Africa, they constantly experience discrimination and racism from other Africans.

Racism is not colourism, but powerism. Fikru and Ephrem say it beautifully:

“When we think of racism, we mostly think of the institutionalized form of racism that we see in the West which is directed against people of African descent. In reality, however, racism is a phenomenon that exists anywhere between groups of people when one discriminates against the other based on any inborn physical attributes and considers their group to be superior”.


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