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March 13, 2009

UN ‘anti’-racism conference: Same old demonisation

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I have begun reading Refugees in an Age of Genocide: Global, National, and Local Perspectives During the Twentieth Century ($US180.00 if you feel like buying it!). A very lengthy academic text, but surprisingly easy to read – and depressing.

The first chapter records that between 1881 and 1914 2.5 million Jews left the Pale of Settlement in Russia as refugees from violence and economic and social discrimination.

And here we are, 130 years later, and anti-Semitism is still with us, and in fact increasing because of the present economic stress as Ron Zamir of the United Jewish Federation commented, when confronted with the news of flyers distributed to homes in Utah that said “Take back of America from the Jews.

“I was not surprised when I got the call,” Zamir said.  “In times of economic woes in our history, anti-Semitism and bigotry and bigotry against blacks tend to rise.”  He said some people tend to look for scapegoats for their own worries and problems and those scapegoats almost always are people who are “different.”

And the demonised and marginalised are blamed for the racism at the foundation of their misery, as  Robert Goot points out when arguing for a boycott by Australia of the upcoming UN ‘Anti’-racism conference. In commenting on the raft text he says:

“It’s a document that names only one country as a racist entity and that is the state of Israel.

“It’s a document dealing racism that mentions none of the egregious examples of racism in the world today.

“Rwanda does not get mentioned, the treatment of Indian untouchables does not get mentioned, pygmies, the Sudan massacre and many others do not get mentioned in the document.”

Same old, same old.


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