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March 16, 2009

People smugglers- or transport for the desperate?

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The Australian Navy yesterday intercepted a boat carrying 54 people believed to be from Afghanistan and has taken the passengers to the Christmas Island immigration detention centre. It is the second boat arrival this year. Navy intercepts 50 asylum seekers off NT coast

Jack Smit of Project Safecom takes issue with Home Affairs Minister Bob Debus’ comment that

“This is only the second boat to have arrived this calendar year and that does show, along with the specific events of today, that our border protection arrangements are indeed working well,” he said.

“You can never, of course, entirely eliminate attempts at people smuggling.”

Jack reminds us that

“The United Nations People Smuggling Convention was designed to catch rackets of people traffickers, who transport women as slaves for prostitution to other countries, and who transport women, men and children to countries for illegal labor: the Convention seeks to stem the horrors of the 21st century slave trade, and it has not been designed to stop people being helpful in providing transport and bring asylum seekers to Convention countries,”

“They will, in the usual manner, be taken to Christmas Island for processing and those that have genuine refugee status will be granted it and those that do not will be returned to a place where they have come from,” he said.

Is your people smuggler my hero?


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