A possie in Aussie

April 17, 2009

Ruddock, Stone sabotage their own boats

THEY are not throwing their children overboard this time. No, they are blowing up a boat with themselves and their children on it!

When they were in government the Howard mob accused asylum seekers on boats to Australia of throwing their children overboard. This was proved to be a lie.

Now the minus-Howard-mob tells us that the asylum seekers on the boat that blew up near Ashmore reef yesterday did it themselves. Even though no investigation has been made.

And the Australian is wheeling out Ruddock to comment on the situation!

Not only do the plus-or-minus-Howard mob defame asylum seekers, they also can’t think straight.

Ruddock says that “It is quite clear people were given advice travelling here that if they were intercepted and the vessel was likely to be subject to return, they should disable the vessel to ensure they couldn’t be transported”. Sabotage craft, asylum seekers told: Philip Ruddock

And then he blames the Rudd government for making Australia “a soft touch by abandoning offshore detention”, and therefore to blame for the burns and loss of life.


Ruddock says that boats would be sabotaged to prevent their return -then blames the Rudd government for not returning them – which he says has caused this boatload to blow up their vessel.

Sharman Stone chimes in ”You can’t announce a soft policy and then expect people not to lose their lives through people smuggling efforts”. No time for blame game: Greens (At least she is the current immigration spokesperson!)

Come on, Coalition, at least give the vilification some semblance of logic.


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