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April 29, 2009

Australians turn away from bull about boatpeople

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The results of a weekly omnibus conducted by Essential Research released yesterday show that the Australian public are on Rudd’s side when it comes to boat asylum seekers.

“45% of people agree with Kevin Rudd’s position that the Australia Government has maintained tough border security and the increase in asylum seekers is due to new global security and economic factors. 33% agree with Malcolm Turnbull’s view that the Labor Government’s immigration laws are too soft and have resulted in more asylum seekers trying to reach Australia in boats”. Essential Research, published at Crikey

In 2001 public opinion was overwhelmingly in favour of a tough stance on on-shore asylum seekers.  68 per cent opposed refugees arriving by boat and said ‘put them back to sea’ (Roy Morgan International 2001). Only 20% said ‘accept the refugees’. Don’t let the boat people get savaged again

Interestingly, it seems that people’s agreement with the two positions tended to follow party lines – 77% of Labor voters agree with Rudd’s position and 69% of Coalition voters agree with Turnbull.

Data from the 2001 Australian Election Study (AES) show that attitudes towards asylum seekers were divided fairly evenly between liberals, conservatives and those in between.

It seems that this time the boats may not be an ISSUE for Australians, but rather just another party line. For which we should all be grateful.


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