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May 9, 2009

Facebook a racist-book?

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Cyber-bullying has been in the news this week (Elite school’s horrific cyber-bullying case). And it seems that Facebook thinks that laws against homosexuality are equivalent to laws against racial vilification and Holocaust denial. Facebook turns a blind eye to racist rants

Facebook has refused to ban controversial groups that deny the Holocaust, and instead will ‘attempt to block the groups from being viewed by users in countries where Holocaust denial is illegal’.

“For example, homosexual content is illegal in some countries, but that does not mean it should be removed from Facebook,” it said.

Facebook’s argument is that they should not ban homosexual references from their site just because some counties make homosexuality illegal. Fair enough.

Homosexuality does not, however, in and of itself harm others.

Sites based on “Jews are snakes and they are liars, they are the biggest disease this planet has ever endured” on the other hand do cause harm: that’s why Australia and many other countries have anti racial vilification laws. Have a read of Immigration minister brings rats to Australia.

Holocaust denial is, because of the overwhelming, factual evidence of the Holocaust, a form of racial vilification (see Ahmadinejad: an old-fashioned Jew hater).


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