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May 23, 2009

Safe haven not a solution for Tamils

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The United Nations estimates that up to 300 thousand people have been displaced by the fighting. Most of those people are Tamils, an ethnic group that has complained for decades about being discriminated against in Sri Lanka. The Australian government is reportedly worried about a potential influx of Tamil asylum-seekers and has sent officials to Columbo to work with the Sri Lankan Government, particularly over the threat of people-smuggling Australia prepares for influx of Tamil asylum seekers

The Tamil community in Australia is pleading for authorities to show compassion and to allow Tamils to start a better life in Australia.
Opposition call for Tamil havens in Australia The World Today 21 May 2009

Ms Stone, Shadow Minister for Immigration has today suggested bringing an unknown number of Tamils to Australia in the same way as the Howard Government brought 4000 Kosovars in 1999.

Pamela Curr, refugee advocate of the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, says that

“It took people out of their home country for 11 months and then sent them back to nothing.

“Ms Stone may not know the history of this political exercise but people in Albury remember well the day that the Australian army walked out of the camp and ACM guards walked in and locked the place down. In one day it changed from a happy friendly place into a detention centre with privately contracted guards.

“Six years later, 500 people who refused to go home were in desert detention centres and in the community in great distress. Ms Stone is now suggesting that this horrible experiment be repeated in an attempt to differentiate coalition policy from the government.”


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