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June 5, 2009

“Stop treating us so equally!” they cry. “It’s creeping us out!”

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Ben Pobjie strikes again! (see Boat people twisted and warped by their boatish ways)

This week, in Racism Is The Worst Bad Thing Ever at New Matilda, he addresses the possibility that Australians are racist and says, ‘reasonably’:

“Yes, Australia occasionally suffers from small outbreaks of racism, usually imported from less reputable countries, but on the whole we are a marvellously tolerant country. Why, we’ll tolerate almost anyone, no matter what skin colour or unusual facial features or obfuscating scarves they happen to possess. These provocations and many more are borne by Australians with quiet dignity and admirable composure, so nobody can call us intolerant.

You see, racism is all relative. In comparison with other countries, Australia is so non-racist that many people refuse to come here because they find they are too accepted. “Stop treating us so equally!” they cry. “It’s creeping us out!”

Ben ends with a humorous ‘solution’ to racism, indeed, “we can actually end all human conflict on this planet”.

“…Anyone can see that the main cause of conflict and violence between people is the fact that people are allowed to mix with other people. I envisage a day when nobody has to come into contact with another human being, when we can all relax and live as God intended, cut off from the world in individual hermetically sealed pods, with nobody to bother, offend, insult or stab us. An ambitious dream of paradise, but not, I think, an unattainable one. “

Ben’s ‘solution’ is in reality the ONLY solution. There is a very wide variety amongst human beings.  Black, white, short, tall, rich, poor, pierced, unpierced, not to mention male and female and everything in between. There are people who love their neighbours no matter who they are (but don’t take things TOO far), people who hate some black people, people who hate all white people, people who are open to change and people who never will – and it doesn’t matter what ‘solution’ you try to apply, people will still come in all these varieties.

Don’t dream of a ‘solution’ to racism, unless you get off on the idea of living in a pod.


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