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June 8, 2009

Workers on 457 visas are real people, not just a line on a balance sheet

The editorial in the Adelaide Sunday Mail this week says:

“People migrating here on the promise of a job need some certainty the position will not evaporate; if it does, surely there needs to be some flexibility to allow them to find a comparable job. After all, the decision to migrate is a huge one. If such people are going to give a commitment to Australia, Australia needs to ensure they are treated fairly once they arrive.” Migrants need more than a visa

An editorial about the ‘disgraceful’ situation that the Chinese meatworkers who came to Australia nearly 4 years ago on 457 visas find themselves in?

Is the Sunday Mail lamenting that, while the Chinese closed down their lives in China, took the 457 visas because they were informed that they would be a path to Permanent Residency, that path has been effectively closed to them, and they are under threat of having the new lives they and their children have built ripped out from under them? Chinese checked


The subject of the hand wringing is a specialist tax consultant recruited by accounting firm KPMG. From Britain.  Who bought a house. After four months the tax consultant was made redundant and the terms of the visa require that she has 28 days to leave the country.

As the Sunday Mail says, “We are actively trying to lure skilled migrants” and “this sort of disastrous episode would have to make any potential migrant think twice about trying to start a new life here”.

Does the Mail mean “We are actively trying to lure skilled white migrants”?

Are meat working jobs too dirty and distasteful to worry about? Not ‘skilled’ enough?

Does having the funds to buy a house when you first arrive qualify one for sympathy?

To rephrase the Sunday Mail closing remark,

“All workers on 457 visas are real people, not just a line on a balance sheet”.


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