A possie in Aussie

June 21, 2009

Bashings of Indian students: Does Mr Plod need a new map?

Greg Sheridan wrote an excellent article this week in the Australian Better policing could quell racist attacks

Sheridan says that he has spoken to many Indian students over the past few weeks, and found that

“None I spoke to thinks of Australia as pervasively racist. None has become anti-Australian. But they have real grievances about these attacks and the responses to them, and they overwhelmingly believe there is an element of racism in the attacks. They also report sporadic incidents of racial harassment below assault.”

Sheridan says that the answer is not ’clever diplomacy’ or denials of racism, but much more simple:

Making Melbourne and Sydney’s trains safe to travel on at night.

Sheridan claims that the reason that this is not happening is because

“Our policing practices have been badly warped by the industrial relations dynamics of police unions and the under-investment in police numbers.”

But I think that the reason goes more deeply than that. Since working with new settlers in Australia I have got to know quite a few police, and have been impressed with their efforts to understand their cultures and their determination to be available to them, and to overcome any negative reactions that might be the result of having lived in places where police corruption and violence are usual.

Have you ever tried to be the hand of impartial justice with your children, for example, and also loving and kind?

It takes a rare and highly developed person to be able to do this. Most of us muddle along. Can we expect an institution to do it?

Should the police go back to their old-fashioned roles of cold justice, and let other institutions provide human kindness?

Are the police losing their way because their roadmap is impossible to follow?

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