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June 26, 2009

Floating new solutions for asylum seekers?

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The Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Senator Chris Evans, yesterday introduced a Bill to enshrine in law measures that prohibit the detention of children in detention centres and ensure people don’t languish in detention for years on end.

The Migration Amendment (Immigration Detention Reform) Bill 2009, introduced in parliament t yesterday, and passed on the ‘voices’ will give legislative effect to the Rudd Government’s New Directions in Detention policies announced in July last year.

The detention policies announced in July 2008 that provide the framework for the Bill are:

  1. Mandatory detention is an essential component of strong border control.
  2. To support the integrity of Australia’s immigration program, three groups will be subject to mandatory detention:
    a.         all unauthorised arrivals, for management of health, identity and security risks to the community
    b.         unlawful non-citizens who present unacceptable risks to the community, and
    c.         unlawful non-citizens who have repeatedly refused to comply with their visa conditions.
  3. Children, including juvenile foreign fishers and, where possible, their families, will not be detained in an immigration detention centre (IDC).
  4. Detention that is indefinite or otherwise arbitrary is not acceptable and the length and conditions of detention, including the appropriateness of both the accommodation and the services provided, would be subject to regular review.
  5. Detention in immigration detention centres is only to be used as a last resort and for the shortest practicable time.
  6. People in detention will be treated fairly and reasonably within the law.
  7. Conditions of detention will ensure the inherent dignity of the human person. Bill to abolish detention debt passes first hurdle

Meanwhile, Jack Smit of Project Safecom has an ‘exclusive tip-off’:

“Immigration chiefs are worried stiff this morning about overcrowding on Christmas Island on the back of Unannounced Boat Number 15 just having been intercepted, and they’re whispering about chartering a ship and mooring it off the Christmas Island shore.

“Forget about Chris Evans’ commitment, given at ANU last year to release people from detention after initial health and security checks. Immigration will not allow him to actually give those folks bridging visas with work rights so they can fly off the island into the Australian community and find


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