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July 3, 2009

Racial prejudice, Australians and the media

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Several news outlets have reported that a national survey has found people in Perth show greater prejudice against minority groups than other Australians.

The ‘Challenging Racism Project’, a joint project of the University of Western Sydney and Macquarie University surveyed more than 16,000 Australians over eleven years.

In Perth more than 14 per cent said they were prejudiced against other cultures, compared with a national average of about 12 per cent.

That’s 2%.

(In other states and territories the survey included people living in both city and rural areas. In WA, it was confined to the metropolitan area.) Perth people ‘more racist’ than others

The study also found that 6.5 per cent of all Australians surveyed were against multiculturalism. Australians struggling with multiculturalism

‘6.5% against multiculturalism’ means that 93.5% are positive about multiculturalism – an amazingly positive result!

The researchers say that the greatest difference in attitudes was between generations.

“Older Australians – not all older Australians – but in general are more intolerant and younger Australians much more tolerant,” Professor Kevin Dunn said.

The study found that 85 per cent of Australians acknowledge racial prejudice occurs in the nation and one in five has been a victim of racist verbal abuse.

It would be nonsense to claim that racial prejudice does not occur in Australia – as it does everywhere. Indeed, it is my experience that people who deny it are usually the ones who practice it.

These results are very encouraging. But the reporting shows more interest in sensationalism than in fair representation.


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