A possie in Aussie

July 14, 2009

Study in Australia: “a recognised immigration racket”

WA Today features a story about rackets in India where people are paying up to $20,000 for a good result in the International English Language Test System exam (IELTS), ‘contract’ marriages and pay agents to arrange bank documents and loans to satisfy Australian immigration law that demands students have the means to support themselves for the duration of their course.

WA Today says that the “international education sector has turned into a recognised immigration racket”. Australia’s overseas education ‘a scam’

There are 500,000 international students living in Australia generating $14-billion for the economy. Universities on average rely on international students for 15 per cent of their revenue.

Hamish McDonald described the ‘study for PR’ racket perfectly a couple of weeks ago in The racket no one dares name.

“In this racket, tens of thousands of mostly Asian families put up the $30,000 to $50,000 to send young Amit or Mukesh down to Sydney or Melbourne for a course in cooking, basic computer skills (which he probably already has) or other trades designated by Canberra as areas of supply shortages in the economy. After putting in the right number of classroom and practical hours, and keeping out of trouble with police and other authorities, the students can apply for bridging visas and then permanent residency”.

I am personally aware of young people studying courses in which they have no interest or ambition, in order to gain the prize: ‘PR” (permanent residency). Shonky Australian training courses lead to PR, bashings and death


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