A possie in Aussie

July 27, 2009

Imposters. Secret documents. That’s the Australian visa business

Staff of Australia’s largest international student service, IDP Australia, are being investigated for possible corruption, after some students in were caught cheating on English exams.

Erik Jensen of the Sydney Morning Herald writes-

“A source in the Sydney Indian community said education agents had been selling copies of the May International English Language Testings System exam for between $12,000 and $18,000.

“He said advance copies of the exam had come from inside IDP Australia, a company owned by 38 Australian universities in partnership with the job site Seek, and were being sold throughout Sydney.

The Department of Immigration relies on IDP Australia for English testing.

IDP has confirmed that several students have been caught defrauding the system, and the that  an investigation was under way to determine whether staff inside the service had been involved.

“Cheating in IELTS tests is not commonplace,” a spokeswoman for IDP Australia said. “However, given the high stakes involved, attempts to cheat or engage in other fraudulent activity such as identity fraud do occur.

“Recently in Australia, a small number of test takers have been detected in their attempt to cheat in the IELTS test. Whether or not it was an internal problem, we don’t know.”

The Aussie Possie recently reprinted a report from the Punjabi Tribune that claimed impersonation and document fraud among people sitting for the IELTS exam there. Punjabi marriage proposal: “I love your English!”

The Immigration department has recently raised its standard of English for work visas, from “a partial command” to “competent” English.

The Herald article reports that Immigration and Citizenship Minister Chris Evans is in India “dealing with the fallout over recent violence against Indian students and the uncovering of large-scale document fraud and economic slavery inside the $15 billion international education industry.” Cheating alleged in immigration exams


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