A possie in Aussie

July 28, 2009

Holy cash cows tell of rorts of foreign students

The Australian Council for Private Education and Training yesterday unveiled a register of overseas education agents working for private vocational colleges. Agent register set up to fight foreign student rorts

This was on the same day that Four Corners aired Holy Cash Cows, an expose of the rorts in the enormous foreign student business in Australia, worth $15 billion.

Four Corners says that it has evidence that serious allegations have been made to government departments for some time, with no result or, worse still, the students subsequently found themselves under investigation:

I mean for years I have been writing about dodgy education providers in Sydney and nobody cares… there’s certainly been enough complaints lodged that the problems have been there. There’s no doubt.” – Corruption investigator

“For some time now the Federal Government has boasted about the growth in the foreign education sector. But some experts now believe the time has come for the government to stop the corruption. The question is: does it have the will?”

A few hours before the  Four Corners segment was aired, the offices of Migration Agent Mr Sanjay Deshwal were searched in a joint operation conducted by the Australian Federal Police, Department of Immigration and Citizenship and the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations. Australian police target exploitation of Indian students

Let’s keep watch.


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  1. […] It is the hope of permanent residency that has meant that overseas students are taking any courses in skills that the government has signalled as needed in the job market, and in turn this has led to some shonky ‘training’ courses and various forms of cheating obtain qualifications at any cost. Holy cash cows tell of rorts of foreign students […]

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