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July 29, 2009

Indian women liberated by passing English test

The blogger at Faint Voice tells us that there is ‘a quiet revolution in the status of women in deep rural, backward caste and poor Punjab. Girls who in past were not sent to school would now look forward to getting preference over boys in being sent to school, given time off to house work to study and even in getting precedence in meal times.’

And Australia can take credit!

No, not another aid program – this time it is the IELTS (International English Language Test System) that is transforming lives of these women.

“While before the IELTS became the goal the lives of these girls was quite one of being second class citizens to the boys in the family.”

A good level of English as tested by the IELTS is the key to almost every Australian visa (except humanitarian and family visas).

And once you have a work or study visa, you are on the path to the prize of Permanent Residency.

Faint Voice says “the goal of citizenship pushes the youth out of rural India, at least in Punjab and Haryana, and they have been very enthusiastic in making it to Canada and UK. Australia is only recently emerging as a favourite”.

What has changed in the case of Australia is the vigorousness with which Australia has sought students and their fees. Study in Australia: “a recognised immigration racket”


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