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July 30, 2009

Immigration Minister signals change to permanent residency for students

Immigration Minister Chris Evans has said that there was “no automatic link” between study in Australia and access to permanent residency, the Australian reported yesterday. Immigration link in doubt

“The Australian government will adjust the (migration) program to meet our national needs and not be driven by the education choices of overseas students,” Evans said in a speech in New Delhi.

The Australian takes this as an indication that the link between study in Australia and permanent residency, introduced by the Howard government, may be decoupled.

It is the hope of permanent residency that has meant that overseas students are taking any courses in skills that the government has signalled as needed in the job market, and in turn this has led to some shonky ‘training’ courses and various forms of cheating obtain qualifications at any cost. Holy cash cows tell of rorts of foreign students

An article in today’s Australian warns of negative consequences if Evans goes ahead:

“… it’s an idea already causing tensions in education circles: our export education industry is bolstered by the carrot of the right of abode, and colleges could collapse from lack of students if they have to recruit on course offerings alone. The problem also affects universities: they may not blatantly advertise the migration bonus of their courses but earning points plays a part in enrolment decisions.” Aspiring immigrants

Yet another Australian article reports that the Indian student market is already collapsing, with

“…the recruitment body IDP Education Australia reporting an 80 per cent fall in appointments by students at its 14 Indian offices.”

The fall is attributed to fall-out from a spate of assaults on Indian students and revelations that students are being exploited by unscrupulous private colleges and fraudulent agents. Indian student market collapsing


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