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August 5, 2009

Terrorist thought twisting from Mr Bolt

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Andrew Bolt has leapt in to the furore of words in Australia and around the world released by the news that  Police ‘foil terror raid’ on Sydney army base

In his blog post Religion is an issue he resurrects ‘political correctness’ arguments, so beloved of Pauline Hanson.

He quotes from the Victoria police Lexicon on Terror that would be sent to instruct officials and politicians them not to use words such as “war on terror”, “Islamic terrorism”, “Islamo-fascists” and “moderate Muslims”.

Andrew labels these ‘feelings-hurty’ words. Most are, however, ‘thinking-twisted’ words.

There is no ‘war’ on terror – never has been. You don’t make war on a few criminals. Using this phrase implies that we are at war against nations – and you know who you think of!

‘Islamic terrorism’, ‘Islamo-fascists’ and “moderate Muslims”?

Try this test. Substitute ‘Christian’ or ‘atheist’ or just ‘Australian’- what works?
I reckon that, on this test, ‘moderate Muslims’ is quite OK. We certainly have extremist Christians.

‘Islamo-fascists’ doesn’t work so well. Fascist Australians are quite possible – indeed, we host the pro-Nazi Adelaide Institute in my home town. ‘Australio-facists’? Hear the implication that both parts somehow belong together?

Don’t see what’s wrong with ‘Islamic terrorism’. Muslims who carry out terrorist attacks usually justify their actions on an Islamic basis. As have Jewish terrorists. And some days it is quite easy to imagine Christian terrorists!

I do think that political correctness, or being careful with words, can go too far, however. Stopping people expressing some attitudes can lead to excrescences like Hanson.

But ‘feelings-hurty’, Andrew?  Those of us who are concerned about the impact of words on thought are not all childish, Mr. Bolt!

Andrew twists things in a really dangerous way later in the post when he implies that Australia’s multicultural policies condone cultural practices as the genital mutilation of girls!

Words do matter – if you want more proof, read this disturbing post on Online Opinion Racist attacks raise fears


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