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August 6, 2009

Fred Nile a Somali terrorist?

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I was very concerned to see the headline on the front page of the Australian:

Out of Africa, a new terrorism threat dawns.

I work in settling Sudanese humanitarian entrants into their new lives in Australia, and I know only too well that most native born Australians think of Africa as an amorphous blob, and so to expect them to distinguish Somalis from Sudanese is impossible. And there is nothing like TERRORISM to incite racism of the worst kind.

Irfan Yusuf at Crikey took issue with this statement from the body of the report:

Followers of the al-Shebaab group “shun alcohol, cigarettes, music and videos, choosing an austere, violent interpretation of Islam”.
Irfan says:

“Most Muslims I know (including myself) shun alcohol (though I’m just a teetotaller, not a teetotalitarian) and cigarettes. Avoiding music and naughty videos also isn’t uncommon among Muslims, though largely for similar reasons as conservative Christians. Thankfully our law enforcement and intelligence services don’t use such indicators to identify potential terrorists or else they’d be taking Fred Nile into custody.” Planet Irf


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