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August 10, 2009

Babies cheat immigration security checks, then start building bombs

Backbench Labor MP Thomson Kelvin Thomson has criticised Australia’s existing immigration laws, and says that Australia should cut its intake of migrants by up to 50%,so the threat of terrorists coming in can be reduced.

“Given time, it would be possible to get to the bottom of the background of applicants from Somalia and elsewhere and work out whether they have any association with fundamentalist groups and make a rational assessment of whether they pose a risk,” he said. Migrants ‘may pose terrorist threat’

It was a speech to year 12 students.

Mr Thompson has clearly never been close to people seeking security clearances for immigration. It is a process that I have seen take 6 months or more.

Australia’s Race Discrimination Commissioner is trying to prevent vilification of the Somali and other refugee communities after the arrest of Somali and Lebanese terrorism plotters across Australia last week. MP ‘wrong’ to link migration, terrorism

The Commissioner pointed out a basic fallacy in Thompson’s argument:

“In several of the instances of people that have been charged, they came here as young children, and reducing migration intakes or vetting, better vetting of migrants just wouldn’t have addressed these issues.”

The suggestion comes just as the Race Discrimination Commissioner, Graeme Innes, is trying to prevent a public backlash against the Somali community Fred Nile a Somali terrorist?

“It risks the sort of backlash where people in the broader Australian community start to tag communities as a whole as responsible for extremism and radical positions, whereas that is far from the reality,” he said.


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