A possie in Aussie

August 14, 2009

The lawlessness of Immigration Departments: be very scared!

Suaad Hagi Mohamud is a Canadian citizen.  Early this year a Kenyan airport official decided she wasn’t the woman whose photograph appears in her passport. (It had something to do with her lips!)

An official the Canadian High Commission in Nairobi agreed and  was immediately declared an impostor and Kenyan authorities were asked to prosecute her. She produced all kinds of identification – including a driver’s licence, social insurance card and a Canadian citizenship certificate. She even spent time in jail. After three months  DNA tests she was forced to take proved her identity. Is citizenship now defined by the colour of your skin

Have a look at her photo: any guess why she was targeted?

Suuad Hagi Mohamud

Immigration officials have a frightening powers all over the world. No habeas corpus and other niceties of the rule of law for them!

Remember Vivian Solon – the Australian citizen who was deported? VIVIAN SOLON: The Face That Shamed Australia

Cornelia Rau – the Australian citizen who was held for many months in Australian immigration detention – sometimes in solitary confinement? Talking about ‘Anna’ Cornelia

The rights of the child have no place within the Immigration Department:

The Federal Police are now investigating immigration officials for separating a child from her father and flying her to Iran without his permission Australian immigration officials investigated over child abduction

Immigration does not need search warrants, either:

Overseas students have been subject to compliance raids in the middle of the night and had their homes searched by immigration officials.  Failed your exam? Go to jail!

There seem to be no rights, human or civil, that apply when you are in the thrall of immigration departments.


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