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August 17, 2009

Asylum seekers are not tigers – just Tamils

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The Sri Lankan civil war ended in May, and there have been regular arrivals of Tamil asylum seekers in Australian waters since. The latest was an arrival of 77 on 12 August.

The Age quotes Immigration Minister Chris Evans blaming worsening situations in Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Iraq and Pakistan for forcing millions of people to flee seek safety.

”We will continue to see boat arrivals in Australia while these conflicts are ongoing and while people continue to flee war and persecution,” he said. Scores of new asylum-seekers detected

ABC Radio’s PM interviewed David Manne, coordinator of the Refugee and Immigration Legal Centre in Melbourne, who said:

“Many of these young men are being targeted on the basis that they’re Tamil and perceived to be politically enemies of the government,and seen to be aligned with, you know, with the insurgency, the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam), the separatist movement, despite the fact that they’re not.” Wave of Sri Lankan Tamil asylum seekers forecast

David Manne says that Australian authorities are generally responding favourably to Tamil asylum seekers.


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