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August 25, 2009

What has religion to do with belonging and diversity?

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What does it mean to belong, to be accepted and to feel socially included and connected?

The National Ethnic Disability Alliance has just released the report This is my home: belonging, disability and diversity…

In March and April 2009 NEDA facilitated focus groups in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth with people from non English Speaking Backgrounds (NESB) with disability. This report document stories and descriptions of The key findings of the report are that:

1.    Religion, faith and spirituality are an important component of social connectivity and belonging for many people from diverse backgrounds. Measures of inclusion must adequately value the role of faith in building inclusion and connectivity for many Australians.

2.    Discrimination has an impact upon opportunities and social inclusion outcomes. A social inclusion agenda must address systemic and individual discrimination, including racism.

3.    Family and friends are important gateways to social participation and belonging. Friendship networks in particular are worthy of further investigation as an enabler of social inclusion.

4.    The ability to be to have a voice and be heard is a key component of feeling included. Linking social inclusion with human rights frameworks and support for advocacy provides a direction for giving people opportunities to be heard.

5.    Creating more positive interactions between support agencies and consumers can have the benefit of a stronger sense of belonging and connection for people who face social exclusion.

Full text available from Australian Policy Online


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