A possie in Aussie

August 26, 2009

Asylum seeker crowd control: Australia and Europe hire 3rd world bouncers

‘Solving immigration by outsourced bouncers’ is the great title Shada Islam gave her post on Online Opinion, about how the wealthier nations in Europe are ‘solving’ their asylum seeker ‘problems’.

This approach includes the interception of boats carrying would-be refugees and immigrants before they reach European territory, and sending them to Libya-  which has not signed the 1951 Geneva Convention on refugee rights.

Shada says that many African countries are anxious to receive European funds in return for such co-operation.

In the Asia-Pacific Australia is also setting up its own shonky ‘security company’, this time with Asian ‘bouncers’. (See Australia to Indonesia- keep those huddled masses out of here)

Australia will contribute $452.5 million aid to Indonesia in 2009-10, making Indonesia the largest recipient of Australian aid, ‘aid’ assessed by Indonesians as clearly financing the ‘fortress’. Persons in Indonesia determined to be in need of protection by UNHCR merely have freedom of movement and stay of deportation, but no lawful access to the labour market, and no civil, social, economic or cultural rights

Australia is in negotiations with Malaysia for the same sort of deal.

Human Rights Watch reports that in 2007 close to 60,000 people who arrived in Malaysia as migrants or refugees were arrested, imprisoned or deported. Illegal immigrants, including asylum seekers, face a mandatory sentence of up to five years imprisonment and up to six strokes of the cane. There have been allegations of whipping and torture in detention centres.


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