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September 11, 2009

Australian public critical of negative reporting of Islamic and Sudanese communities

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New research shows that Australians define ‘Australianness’ by behaviour rather than through ethnic origins.

‘Australian’ behaviour is defined as obeying the law, respecting others, integrating within communities and developing a working knowledge of English.

These findings come from a group of surveys conducted in metropolitan and regional Victoria by a team from Monash University.

In commenting on the report, Laurie Ferguson, Parliamentary Secretary for  Multicultural Affairs and Settlement Services said ‘The vast majority of participants believe that multiculturalism enhances Australia economically, socially and culturally’. Report shows strong support for multicultural Australia

The Australian Multicultural Advisory Council and Australian Government will use the report, Perceptions of Multiculturalism and Security in Victoria, in the development of new cultural diversity policies.

Participants approved of the diversity in Australia and see the Australian identity as fluid and dynamic, and indicated a preference for a whole-of-community perspective on issues and solutions.

(For our report of Sudanese refugees contributing to whole-of-community solutions, see Successful Sudanese settlement: a report that is not boring!)

The research also uncovered some areas of public concern.

‘Generally participants were very critical of the way the media portrays minority groups such as the Islamic and Sudanese communities,’ Mr Ferguson said.

‘In addition, some people expressed concern that some migrants do not properly integrate into Australian communities, and that settlement services should focus even more on building social inclusion.’


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