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September 28, 2009

People smuggling: boat people give the real story

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Sabzali Salman gave Darwin Magistrate’s Court a statement about events leading up to the explosion of the people smugglers’ boat that he was aboard.

His narration of his journey to Australia contains important information about people smuggling.  It reveals that, despite strict requirements on international airlines to make sure that passengers hold the proper documents before travelling, this appears to be easily overcome in Pakistani airports:

The Pakistani people smuggler went through the security check points at the airport with him and walked him to the plane.

Sabsazli’s story also illustrates the ease with which border controls in Indonesian airports can be breached:

At the Indonesian airport he was met by an Indonesian people smuggler [IPS]. The IPS took his plane ticket and talked with the airport authorities. He was not detained by any authorities and was allowed to leave the airport. (See Indonesia offers cash to asylum seekers)

And, I am forced to admit, people smugglers are ‘advertising’ Australia:

Sabzali says that the middleman for the people smuggler in Pakistan told him that Australia “would accept refugees and was sympathetic to refugees”. See Australians turn away from bull about boatpeople

It cost him US$6000 to travel to Australia.

Extracts from Sabzali Salman’s statement tendered in Darwin Magistrates Court, September 23, 2009


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