A possie in Aussie

October 6, 2009

An “inevitable cycle of bloodshed and multicultural street festivals”

Friend A: “I like Adelaide better than Melbourne. When you walk around some parts of Melbourne you don’t even feel like you are in Australia, with the mosques everywhere. I think the government is letting in too many people who are different to us.”

Friend B “We are peaceful and hard working. Not like a lot of the other groups.”

The first quote is from a conversation I had during last weekend’s Moon Festival (in Adelaide!)  with Friend A who migrated some years ago from China.

Friend B is an Afghan Muslim immigrant. From a conversation during Eid. (See What has religion to do with belonging and diversity?)

As Ben Pobjie recently summed it up on New Matilda:

“Do we want to accept any old hoodlum without regard to the havoc they will wreak upon our well-ordered life? Do we really want to precipitate the inevitable cycle of bloodshed and multicultural street festivals that will surely follow any moves to make citizenship laws less discriminatory?

“How hard should it be to be an Australian? “Very very hard”? “A little bit harder than that”? Or “Impossible”? It’s a difficult question for any patriotic citizen.”


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