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October 22, 2009

All asylum seeker advocates have left is Andrew Bolt

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Why is Rudd falling in with the opposition’s ‘tough’ line on asylum seekers, especially when for the third consecutive week Labor’s lead is widening still further despite the boat arrivals?  The Poll Bludger

I find it hard to forgive. ( And how will I ever forgive him for making me agree with Andrew Bolt?)

Andrew Bolt calls Rudd a hypocrite for ‘replacing’ John Howard’s “Pacific Solution” with his “Indonesian Solution”.

Andrew quite rightly wonders whether we will see ‘the furious damnation of Rudd by the Left that we saw of Howard? Where is Oxfam? Amnesty? Julian Burnside? Phillip Adams? World Vision?’ Confirmed: Kevin Rudd replace’s John Howard’s “Pacific Solution” with his “Indonesian Solution”

Damnation is starting to come, and from Rudd’s ‘side’.

Two of the most powerful unions, the Australian Workers Union and the Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union have warned Rudd against demonising refugees. The Australian quotes AWU national secretary Paul Howes:

“It’s really important for Labor to have a compassionate line on this to demonstrate leadership. This is an issue about leadership. It won’t be popular in the electorate, but this is the right thing to do.”

CFMEU’s national secretary for construction, David Noonan, warned politicians against revisiting the “dark days” of Tampa. Unions warn PM over boatpeople

Labor MP Michael Danby has rebuked Rudd over his use of the term “illegal immigration”. ‘Humanitarian’ boatpeople deal breaks deadlock

The Herald reports Heather Ridout, the chief executive of the Australian Industry Association, said the shrill politics surrounding asylum seekers was ”causing the worst possible outcome”.

”The whole community is completely confused; they want to be compassionate,” she said. Call for compassion before politics

Like John Pasquarelli says, we need a flag bearer. (That’s it. Agreeing with Andrew Bolt and Hansonists. I have gone over to the dark side) 🙂


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