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November 10, 2009

Murdoch owns Newspoll. Newspoll can’t poll accurately. Any connection?

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Newspoll is ‘the nation’s most authoritative snapshot of the political landscape’– that’s what Tony Abbott says. ABC Radio Breakfast

If Newspoll says that Rudd is losing support because he is too soft on asylum seekers, it must be true. Right?

Last week’s Newspoll result showed a significant narrowing of Rudd’s lead over Turnbull, and a significant increase in angst about asylum seekers- seeming to indicate that Rudd was losing because he is too ‘soft’.

These numbers were soundly overturned by the subsequent numbers provided by Essential Research and Morgan polls, that showed little change in Rudd and Turnbull’s popularity or in voter intentions, and a more benign view of asylum seekers.

Most commentators seem to be coming to the same conclusion as Crikey’s bloggers, that the ‘most plausible conclusion from recent polling is that last week’s Newspoll is an outlier’. So You Think You Can Interpret Polls?

But, as Crikey also notes, a result of the Newspoll results is that there is now ‘common wisdom’ that Rudd has suffered because he has not been as tough as Howard towards asylum seekers.

It is interesting to note that Newspoll is owned by Murdoch. The same people who own my local Sunday paper; The Sunday Mail.

In last Sunday’s edition (the first edition after the Newspoll results) the Mail ran this headline on the front page:

‘Howard: Fact: We stopped the boats: exclusive interview’

And on page 2

‘Rudd policies ‘vain, arrogant’, accompanied by a photo of asylum seekers on the Oceanic Viking.

On page 7

‘Rudd has achieved nothing- Howard’

Page 17

‘Lighten up a bit, Kev’ – Murdoch says that PM is ‘too sensitive for his own good’

Page 67

‘We stopped the boats’

Page 74 (continued from page 67)

‘Howard: we got it right’

(There were no comparable headlines in the sports section, however).

Quotes are good. You can print all sorts of things and hide behind the person who ‘said’ them.

So, I shall quote Bob Ellis:

‘After years of calling Newspoll ‘the Bill O’Reilly of statistics’ and asking why it has a CEO if its numbers are accurate, and why it turns up month after month those figures to Murdoch’s liking that make the headlines that sell the papers and do his enemies damage (‘McCain passes Obama’, ‘Nelson terminal’), I see at last, this week, what seems to me to be, the biggest whopper of all.’

Questions to be asked about whopping poll


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