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November 14, 2009

Temporary protection: Not a safe haven for Sharman Stone!

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I was so taken with Sharman Stone’s crazy ‘logic’ that I almost forgot the sick feeling I had when she began to speak yesterday about reinstating the temporary protection visa.

Ms Stone became strident under Steve Price’s straight questioning on the ABC:

That’s what I’m saying. You will not qualify for welfare!

Steve Price: Yes so that means you don’t, that means you won’t qualify for welfare benefits, you won’t qualify for the dole and you won’t qualify for government housing. Is that what you’re saying?

Sharman Stone: You will not qualify for welfare. If you are not able to work, and some may not, of course, due to ill health or age or whatever, then there would be a government allowance to make sure, of course, that you don’t starve.

You can only laugh. It was so ridiculous that even Andrew Bolt had to speak out:

“So there won’t be welfare, but there will. And, really, does Stone really believe we’d stand by and let even asylum seekers here – including the able bodied – go without a cent to feed themselves or their children? To be forced, if they can’t find work, to live instead by begging or stealing?

She’s insulting our intelligence. And our humanity.

There are ways to be tough, but this is not one of them.” This isn’t tough, but stupid


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