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December 9, 2009

What does Abbott intend to do to boat people: Kill them?

A dark cloud has gathered over my head in the past few days, and its name is Abbott’s Liberals (shame that they further besmirch such and honourable adjective!).

Work ‘choices’, climate denial, and a harder line on asylum seekers. But what can a harder line be?

I have written about Sharman Stone’s hardline rants, but  apparently she is a moderate:

“It will be essential that the moderates that remain in the party continue to steer through the middle ground, ensuring that the real grassroots of the party continues to build in multicultural communities,” Dr Stone said. “

Immigration was so difficult because you were sandwiched between the left and the right wing of the party. I happened to believe that I was steering the right path and I had a lot of support for that, including, of course, from the leader at the time.” Liberals steer to the right on boats

As blogger Armagnac Daddy (yes, that’s the name!) says, how much more draconian could the Liberal policy be?

“Do they want to kill them? I’m being serious, there’s not much left. Do they want us to finally, once and for all, dump the Convention itself and its core rule of non refoulement? Just send people back to war zones, overt oppression, torture, genocide, whatevs?”


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