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February 8, 2010

International students and temporary workers suffer because of Australian immigration mess

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The Rudd government is facing up to the disgraceful mess left by the Howard government, which monetised both education and migration through schemes to link training for specific jobs with PR (permanent residency), and by giving students the right to immediately apply for PR once their studies in Australia are finished.

By equating visas and qualifications with cash, the door was wide open to manipulation of the requirements, and corruption.

Minister Chris Evans is cleaning up the mess, but many students now in Australia will be suffering as a consequence.

Fairfax media is speculating that the Federal Government will cut skilled migration numbers by about 7,000 people in next week’s Budget. Budget axe to fall on skilled migration: report

Around 20,000 people who applied for skilled migrant visas before September 2007 will have their applications cancelled and their fees refunded.

Australia’s skilled migration rules will also be changed, scrapping the MODL, the list of jobs that has been used to assess eligibility for PR (permanent residence visas).

The list of jobs will be replaced with one more focused on highly-skilled work.

Jane Corpuz-Brock, spokesperson for an advocacy group mainly for skilled Filipino workers, says the Government should be researching the actual needs of industry to determine the kind of skills they want, and also the numbers.

If the job they are studying for is not on the new list, foreign students will not be able to apply for a permanent residency visa unless an employer will sponsor them.

This means that some overseas students will lose the chance to apply for permanent residency. Migration revamp leaves students in limbo

Once again, the powerless and voiceless in our community – the people on ‘temporary’ migration visas- have to suffer because of government blunders.


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