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February 18, 2010

Europe murders the undesirables at the border

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We are not protected from exploitation and abuse because our fellow citizens are good people – we are protected under the rule of law of our country because we are citizens.

People who leave their countries because they cannot find protection from their own governments, as in Afghanistan, have no protection except for the goodwill of individuals, until they have residence rights in another country.

We have seen a little of what can happen to such unprotected people in Australia, but a report just released by Migreurop: Europe’s murderous borders shows the extent of the persecution that ‘undocumented migrants’ now suffer in the EU. Migreurop calls this the ‘ordeal of the undesirables’.

“While following the example of nationals of rich countries who travel by aeroplane, they could have entered Europe after a flight lasting a few hours, these exiles have spent a lot more to be left in medieval travel conditions.

“Forced to advance step by step, to multiply the use of means of transport that are as dangerous as they are inappropriate (overloaded boats, hiding places in lorries, walking through the most hostile regions…) and to entrust their lives to those who are enriched by the policy of closed borders, in spite of themselves, these adventurers must embark upon a veritable ordeal of the ‘undesirables’.”

The ‘undesirables live in ‘jungles’, unlawful camps in north-western France in which hundreds of Afghan, Eritrean, Iraqi or Sudanese exiles have been surviving for over ten years, in the shantytowns near to the port of Patras in Greece , or in the ‘tranquillos’ in the countryside around Oujda where sub-Saharans waiting to find a way into Europe are forced to survive.

Wherever they are there is the “same concealment, the same makeshift shelters made of plastic and rubbish bags, the same recovered old clothing, the same relegation into a sub-human existence.” The ‘undesirables’ live in fear of refoulements, violence, detention, and harassment.

Extract from an interview in Istanbul on 10/01/2009: “I went to Izmir. From there, we set

off in a small boat. Our boat was so small and there were far too many of us, we were 20. It was in the winter. The waves were very high. The Greek police arrived. Their boat was far larger than ours.

They started creating waves around us. It was dark and very cold. They were going in circles around us and our boat sank. We stayed like that in the water. There was a woman with her little girl, they both died. The water was so cold that I could not feel the blood circulating in my legs. We stayed like that for 12 hours, 12 hours in the water. The others took care of me. I was pregnant at the time, I lost my baby in the water. I was bleeding heavily when they took me out of the water.

We saw a helicopter, I think they were the ones who called the Turkish police. Afterwards, the Turks arrived with a boat and then I fainted. I awoke in hospital”.

Frontex, Poseidon

In the detention facility for migrants in Lesvos, MSF arranges for detained children to see their fathers.

Young would-be asylum seekers wait around on discarded shopping trolleys


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