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September 7, 2009

Successful Sudanese settlement: a report that is not boring!

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Sustaining Sudanese Settlement in Murray Bridge South Australia Report: Sustaining Settlement in Murray Bridge South Australia

A report of a study conducted by Lutheran Community Care Murraylands New Settler Services, funded by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship

Project and research Leaders: Nayano Taylor-Neumann & Raj Balasingam

How Murray Bridge has attracted Sudanese settlers, made them welcome, and plans to retain them

Murray Bridge, a regional centre about 80km from Adelaide, has had great success in attracting and integrating new settlers from refugee backgrounds. In mid 2006 the first Sudanese family self-settled in Murray Bridge, and since January 2008 a further sixteen families have moved to the town as secondary migrants, and there are many singles also resident in the town.  More families are planning to relocate.

The Sudanese community in Murray Bridge enjoys 100% employment and is well integrated into the community. This is a result of the great work of the local community in supporting new migrants. The community aims to attract new settlers like these, and to retain them.

The report describes a study of the Sudanese community, funded by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, carried out by Murraylands Lutheran Community Care New Settler Services.

It is a best-practice resource, useful for both researchers and settlement workers.

Get the Report

Sustaining Settlement in Murray Bridge South Australia

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January 19, 2009

28 boat people win asylum in the best state

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Just over 100 days since their boat was intercepted, 28 people from Iran and Afghanistan have been awarded permanent protection visas and are beginning the process of settling in South Australia.

This is the first result of the Rudd government’s changes to asylum seeker policy, contrasting with the Howard government’s hard line on asylum seekers (see article in the Australian).

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship chose South Australia for settlement, because it ‘believes that South Australia offers the best opportunity for them to become integrated into the Australian way of life’.

South Australia rulz!!.

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